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If you’re breastfeeding and looking to know how to store breast milk , then below are several products you can buy which can assist you. Also included are a few other nursing accessories to choose from…….

Breast Milk Storage

  •     Milkies “Save & Store” Bundle  –  effortlessly collect every last drop. Both the Milk-Saver and Freeze have been tested to ensure zero chemical leaching and are BPA and phthalate-free. To buy this product, then click here.

  • Milkies Storage Bags  –  this product is a must have. Its perfect for breast milk storage .  If interested and would like to buy , then click here.

  • Milkies Milk Saver  –  wanting to know how to store breast milk ? This is something breastfeeding moms need. Click here to buy .

Freeze Breast Milk

  • Milkies “Save & Store” Bundle  –  Again, it’s the perfect breastfeeding combo: Save and store every last drop of breast milk with the Milkies Milk Saver and the Milkies Freeze in one convenient bundle, while saving money in the process! Click here.

  • Milkies Freeze  –  for those mothers wanting to know how to store breast milk. Feezing breast milk is the solution. To buy this product, then click here.

  • Milkies Milk Trays  –  freezing breast milk is an excellent option when it comes to breast milk storage. If interested, then click here.

Nursing Nipple Balm

  • Breastfeeding Essential Bundle  –  a special bundle of  nursing products to help smooth the path. Contains Milkies Nipple Nurture Balm, Nursing Time Tea & Tea Ball, Milkies Milk-Saver, and Softies Nursing Pads. To buy , click here.

  • Milkies Nipple Nurture Balm  –  recommended by lactation consultants , nipple balm is designed to soothe, protect and heal sore or cracked nipples. It alleviates breastfeeding discomfort. To buy it, click here.

Breast Pads

  • Breastfeeding Essential Bundle  –  again a thoughtful collection of products which includes Softies Nursing Pads. These pads are the best. You can throw these in the washing machine and reuse them again and again! To buy , click here.

  • Breast Pad Ever  –  unbeatable leak protection, ultimate comfort, supreme convenience, and amazingly it  lifts and supports. To buy it, then click here.

  • Milkies Softie  –  unique 3-layer design that guards against leaks without adding bulk or puffiness to your bra. Keeps breastfeeding moms dry and comfortable. Click here if you’re interested and would like to buy it.

Nursing Pumps

  • Medela Breast Milk Pumps  –  a large assortment of different pumps and pump accessories designed for moms who pump multiple times a day. To buy , then click here.

  • Aeroflow Breast Pumps  –  numerous breast pumps and accessories. Amazingly they can get it to you through insurance so there’s no out of pocket expense. To learn more, then click here.

Baby Bottles

  • Baby Bottles  –  BPA free. A wide collection of different types of baby bottles to choose from. Click here if you’re interested in purchasing one or more of these.

Nipple Shield

  • Medela Regular Nipple Shield  –  BPA free. A wonderful tool to aid in interruption-free breastfeeding caused from problems such as latch-on issues, overactive let-downs, or flat, inverted, or sore nipples. To buy , then click here.

  • Medela Contact Nipple Shield  –  also BPA free and it has a unique cut-out shape which allows for more skin-to-skin contact.  Click here to buy .

Cloth Diapers

  • GroVia Cloth Diapers  –  washable so as to be used over and over again. Adjustable to fit from 10-35+ lbs. only cloth diaper on the market that your baby can wear under skinnies! No folding, no stuffing, no keeping track of covers: simply snap on your baby and go! To buy , then click here.

Nursing Covers & Clothes

  • NaturalBabyCo  –  large assortment of baby clothing, diapers, toys and accessories for mom.  If you’re interested and would like to buy their products, then click here


  • Covered Goods  –  selection of stylish nursing covers which also functions as a car seat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover. How incredible is that !? If interested, click here

  • PeggyBuy Baby Clothing  –   large selection of cute baby clothes, toys and kids clothing. Plus much more. Check it out by clicking here

  • Figure 8 Maternity  –  huge selection of stylish nursing dresses, nursing tops, nursing bras, nursing sleepwear and baby clothing.  Breastfeeding moms love this site. Click here

“How To” Breastfeeding Videos and Health E-books

  • Breastfeeding Help  –  all you need to know about effective breastfeeding techniques in easy to follow videos. To buy , click here

Parenting Expert, Dana Obleman’s, Baby Help Programs

  • The Sleep Sense Program  –  a quick, easy and gentle solution to you’re toddler’s sleep problems. To learn more, then click here.

  • The Food Sense Program  –   quickly and easily cure your fussy toddlers’ eating problems. Learn more by going here.

  •  No Sweat Potty Training Program  –  no more need for diapers. It’s Easy potty training made simple. Learn more by clicking here.

  • Kids: The Manual  –   fast and easy way to eliminate problem behavior in kids ages 2 to 12. To find out more, then go here.



  –  If you’re having trouble with low breast milk supply and would like to increase breast milk , then be sure to click on this link.